Alliance for Learning CPD and School Improvement Offer

109 We are really excited to be leading a leadership improvement project across the whole of Blackpool in partnership with the PTI. The Teach Blackpool Leadership Coaching Programme is a bespoke programme designed for the Heads of schools in Blackpool, together with selected members of their Senior and Middle Leadership Teams. The courses are free of charge for Blackpool schools. Its aim is to support schools’ leaders in raising attainment and progress in Blackpool’s schools and to aid the recruitment and retention of quality teachers within the town. These cannot be achieved in a sustainable way with formulaic or quick fixes, and so the Programme focuses on the fundamentals of good school leadership. It will give School Leaders a forum, frameworks and training for them to crystallise their thinking on what is most important in their schools, how they can use an enriched curriculum to deliver improvement, and how, through effective coaching, they will nurture their staff to be better teachers. The Programme consists of three elements: Element 1: Setting your school’s objectives Element 2: Enhancing your coaching skills to work towards your objectives Element 3: Reviewing and celebrating progress Our work will focus on element 2 which consists of six days of coaching training aimed at developing leadership potential: Part 1 (3 days in the Autumn term) will focus on personal leadership skills Part 2 (3 days in the Spring term) will focus on organisational leadership The Teach Blackpool Leadership and Coaching Programme