Alliance for Learning CPD and School Improvement Offer

80 Teachers, teaching assistants, learning mentors and other pastoral staff working in schools, colleges and alternative educational settings are currently supporting children, young people and their families on a regular basis, often with complex social and psychological, as well as learning-related, issues. The challenges that children and young people face in their everyday lives clearly have an impact on their ability to access and engage with their learning, listening and attending to these issues is part of the daily work of many education professionals. A pressurised school environment often does not provide the opportunity for de- stressing, reflecting or monitoring professional and personal responses to distressed pupils, fraught parents and complex situations such as child protection matters. For professions with high ratio of client contact, supervision can provide a separate space in which to reflect on professional practice and personal responses. Paying attention to the professional and personal needs of staff enables them to recharge their batteries and maintain enthusiasm for the work. As well as helping the individual, the benefit to the organisation is less stressed staff and a reduction in staff absenteeism. If you think a member of your staff or a group would benefit from supervision with an experienced supervisor and would like further information, please contact us on the details below. Safeguarding leads have found this training particularly beneficial. We offer competitive rates, please contact us to discuss your requirements further. £110 for 90 mins / 4 staff £70 per hour for individual staff session Supervision